Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok

Did you know there is a Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand? We visited this fun, quirky restaurant in Thailand, and here is our full review.

Bangkok is full of exciting things to eat and you can find so many different types of restaurants. From unique cafes in Bangkok to the best rooftop bars in Bangkok, there is something for everyone. 

One style of restaurant that is very popular in Bangkok (and Asia in general) is a self-cook-styled restaurant. This is also known as a hotpot and Korean grill.

Bangkok has many to choose from and the Hajime Robot restaurant in Bangkok is an unusual example of this style. 

But this isn’t just a tacky, rubbish restaurant that gets by on its gimmick, there is a lot more to it than that.

So let’s jump into our full review!

Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok – A Review

Location of Hajime Robot restaurant

Hajime Bangkok Location

Firstly, let’s look at location.

The restaurant is a little outside of the city center, located in Mono Park just off Rama 3.

We took a grab taxi from Sukhumvit Road for 119B, which took around 15 minutes. A taxi from the Old Town will take around 25 minutes and cost around 150B using the Grab app. 

You could get the bus here but there isn’t a BTS or MRT near this shopping mall. 

Once you enter the mall, you won’t be able to miss the signposting for the Robot restaurant but head up to floor 3 for the restaurant. 

Outside of Hajime Restaurant Bangkok

Setting and decor at Hajime Restaurant Bangkok

As you enter the restaurant, you will see four rows of booths, with a robot behind glass in between each pair of rows. This means that no matter where you sit, you will be served by a robot. 

The restaurant itself was clean and modern with spacious seats and two cooking areas in the middle of each table. 

The Robot moves up and down in a row, placing food down on trays for you to collect. Every so often, the robot will also do a little dance to popular music. 

This is one of the best parts of the restaurant; you order with a server and then the meat cuts get delivered by the robot through a glass window on your table.

Then you can get cooking (whether you prefer hotpot or grill)!

Hotpot in Hajime Restaurant Bangkok

The menu at Hajime Robot Restuarant Bangkok

There are a lot of options at this Japanese Restaurant.

Firstly, you have two stations on your table – one to grill your food and one for Shabu which is similar to a hot pot, where you boil your food.

There are lots of meats and seafood to choose from as well as veg, rice and noodles.

There is also sushi and sashimi to choose from depending on which buffet you choose and there are some cooked items you can order as well. 

Food at Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok

Prices at Hajime Restaurant

This is a buffet restaurant – so you pay a set price for two hours of eating.

You don’t need to collect items from a buffet stand however, you tick your choices on a paper slip. 

There are two price options – a basic option of 499B which includes some meat options and a reduced selection of sushi as well seafood, rice, noodles, veg and soup options.

Then there is a premium option of 799B with the main difference being a lot more sushi options and a wider variety of meats. 

We opted for the premium option which, during our visit, came with a crab dish. 

Fresh sushi at Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok

Hajime Robot Restaurant’s food

We ordered lots of different dishes to sample everything. 

Firstly, we tried the sushi and sashimi which was fresh and tasty; we had had a lot of Japanese food in Bangkok and this was one of the better quality options we have tried so far. 

Next, we tried some of the appetizers, which included fried chicken, tempura, and pork gyozas. These were all tasty, particularly the tempura, but when we returned to the restaurant, we probably wouldn’t order these side dishes again and save room for the meats and seafood to come.

The fried rice was excellent though so we would recommend that as it pairs with the meats well.

There is a lot of meat options available and we loved the grilled meat, especially the lamb.

We would recommend that you wait for 5 minutes after the fresh coals go on though to avoid meats sticking. 

You can also get the seafood, which we loved; you can choose from prawns, shrimp, squid, mussels, salmon, fish tofu, and shrimp balls. The River and Tiger prawns are amazing, as is the salmon. 

We also tried the Shabu with a clear soup and a mushroom soup; this was nice and the meats were good quality but I just don’t think we are hotpot-type people.

We enjoyed cooking veg in this but next time we will stick with the grill, just for personal preference. 

Dancing Robot at Hajime Restaurant in Bangkok

Overall Review

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at Hajime Robot Restaurant; the food was excellent quality and it is worth visiting the restaurant even if there wasn’t a robot serving you.

The unique server adds a fun element so I would recommend this restaurant for families too.  

You also get great value at this restaurant. The premium buffet at 799B is a great option for foodies and a fair price.

In comparison, we love a restaurant called Best Beef Bangkok, which you will see a review of coming up, and they have a lot of different meats to grill as well as unlimited beer for just 499B. This is a super cheap buffet option in Bangkok but they do not offer sashimi or sushi with their menu. Therefore, if you are looking for a wider variety of food, this is a great option for you. 

We will definitely return in the future and feel like the price is fair for the high quality of meat and sushi you receive. This is a fun, unique hidden gem in Bangkok that we highly recommend!

Our Experience: Hajime Robot Restaurant Vlog

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