That Bangkok Life

This is Bangkok.

A place where street vendors are parked outside 5-star Michelin restaurants, modern condos tower next to traditional Thai homes, shopping malls stand next to temples; Bangkok is a truly diverse city and a must for all types of travellers. There is a wealth of history, culture, tradition and landmarks in Bangkok, it can be hard to know where to begin.

We are fortunate to call Bangkok our home, which is why we want to share with you how to explore, eat, travel, party, shop and live like a local. Here, we share guides and information on things to do in Bangkok as well as tips on what and where to eat, nightlife options, Thailand travel and where to stay in Bangkok.


Live Like a Local

Bangkok welcomes over 20 million tourists a year; that is a lot of people visiting the temples, floating markets and shopping malls in the city. Whilst you’re in Bangkok, whether you are a visitor or an expat, it is nice to get away from the tourist spots and experience Bangkok like a local. As expats, we will be sharing local life experiences, neighbourhood guides, quieter attractions and hidden gems in and around the city. We have tips and guides for those looking to move to Thailand, including how to find an apartment, how to set up the internet and how to order food and groceries online.

Live Like a Local in Thailand

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Beyond Bangkok

If you are coming to Thailand, chances are you won’t just be staying in Bangkok. We share information about various places around Thailand including the tropical and down-to-earth northern regions and the gorgeous islands around the south of Thailand. We have also included Thailand itineraries to help you plan your trip as well as general Thailand travel tips, so that you can make the most out of your visit.

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