AKA Restaurant Bangkok: Full Review

AKA Restaurant Bangkok is a growing chain in Thailand, offering great quality food at reasonable prices. We share our restaurant review so you can decide if it’s the place for you.

Thailand has plenty of tasty foods to try whilst you are travelling or living in the country. A popular trend is a Korean Grill, with visitors cooking a selection of meats and vegetables themselves. 

You can find various versions of this type of restaurant and as it’s one of our favourite, we have been to a few! Best Beef is the best value for money whilst the Hajime Robot Restaurant is a unique exotic e that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  

The AKA restaurant chain follows the same style. You choose your meats from a large selection and get cooking! 

Aka Restaurant Bangkok: Our Full Review

aka restaurant Bangkok review

AKA Bangkok Restaurant Location 

As this is a chain restaurant, you can find AKA in many areas of Bangkok. We have personally eaten at the Central World AKA Restaurant and the AKA in Mega Bangna. 

Setting and decor 

There is nothing special about the layout and design of these AKA restaurants compared to other Korean BBQ spots in Bangkok. 

You can expect to find booth style seating in most of the restaurants, with a grill in the centre of the table.

We have always found the restaurant to be incredible clean and staff very friendly too. Plus, if it’s your first time visiting this style of restaurant, they are very patient with you and flak you through how it works. This style of grill restaurant is similar to our very favorite restaurant in Bangkok (Best Beef) but it is inside and air conditioned!

Something to also be aware of is that you have a time frame. As with many Korean BBQs, you will have a set time frame to order meats and for AKA, you get two hours. 

Food in AKA Restaurant Bangkok

AKA Restaurant Bangkok Menu

Of course, you can expect plenty of different cuts of meat.

There are three different options to choose from in relation to price, and each include a selection of meats and veg for you to cook.

There is also cooked side dishes for you to try like rice and toast.

Another great thing we liked about AKA is that you can simply tick what you want from a list of meats. This means there is no language barrier and the ordering process is smooth and efficient. Plus, each table has plenty of slips of paper, so you can keep reordering more meats within the two hour time slot. 

Food in Aka Bangkok

Prices of Aka Restaurant Bangkok

There are three tiers that you can choose from when visiting AKA.

The basic ‘Meat Lovers’ package is 399B, the regular package is 499B and the Premium package is 599B. The main difference is the quality of meats; the meat lovers package includes the basic cuts of meats whilst the premium and regular package includes meats like pork belly, pork chop and cubed beef. Generally speaking, the higher the package, the more variety there is for you.

Personally, we tend to go for the regular package because it also includes sushi, whilst the meat lovers package doesn’t. We also tend to check out the specials for the premium package, as this can change and sometimes, it is worth the extra. The premium also includes Bibimbap dishes too.

The Food at AKA

AKA is a very popular place to eat and therefore? The meats and veg are always fresh.

You can also dip the meats in amazing AKA sauce, it gives your food a tangy flavour and you can even buy the sauce to use at home as well.

Our Overall experience

So overall, we really enjoyed eating at AKA. We would probably eat here more often if the restaurants weren’t often found inside a shopping mall; but it is still a unique place to eat whilst in the Big Mango.

The food is always fresh and tasty, whilst the experience of cooking it all yourself is fun and different. 

This is a great experience for both travellers and expats in Bangkok and an east introduction into Korean BBQ. 

If you are a little unsure of what to expect in these cook-it-yourself restaurants that can be found all over the city, then this is a great place to begin. The staff are friendly, the ordering process is simple and easy, and the restaurants are of a high standard.

When it comes to value for money, we personally found enough great food on the cheapest option but of course, browse what you get extra for each level of food and decide what’s best for you, 

What’s your favorite restaurant in Bangkok?! Let us know in the comments below! We would love to check it out!  

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