Beyond Bangkok

Bangkok is an incredibly busy, bustling city but sometimes you want to explore more. Thailand has incredible sights to offer with Northern Thailand offering rainforests and ultra-chic neighbourhoods whilst Southern Thailand brings you endless beaches, stunning islands and the ultimate relaxing experience.

The posts below are guides, things to do and tips for visiting other areas of Thailand. We have also included some itineraries for those looking to explore Thailand to the max along with unique experiences around the country.

Beyond Bangkok

Best time to visit Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is a beautiful island in Thailand that is well worth a visit on your next trip. The idyllic beaches offer crystal clear and warm waters whilst the locals are friendly and having tasty, [...]


Chiang Mai is an incredible place to explore in Northern Thailand and many people will venture here after exploring Bangkok. The Bangkok to Chiang Mai train route is the most popular way to [...]

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