The Grand Palace is an iconic attraction in Bangkok. After visiting many times, we are sharing our tips on how to visit The Grand Palace, Bangkok.

Tips on how to visit the Grand Palace Bangkok


Get there early

As with most temples and attractions in the city centre, it is worth arriving early – like before opening. The Palace opens at 8.30 am, so arrive at 8.15 am to get in and see the Palace before the crowds.

Avoid the holidays

Thailand has several holidays throughout the year, with some that celebrate royal birthdays or coronation anniversaries. Avoid visiting the Grand Palace on these dates as more often than not, locals flock to the palace and nearby temples for the special occasion.


Stay hydrated

Drink water during your trip – Bangkok is hot and humid but drinking water will help keep you hydrated. Remember to find the shade too, especially if you do feel like the heat is getting to you.

Stick to the dress code

Wear something light and long – shoulders and ankles need to be covered and leggings are not allowed. If you have a full day of sightseeing, you may not want to wear long trousers, so you can buy or rent long pull-over trousers from the entrance of the Palace. Or, bring trousers in a backpack to change in and out of.


Bring Cash

The Grand Palace is one of the most expensive historical attractions in Bangkok with current prices being 500 baht for foreigners. You won’t find a cash point in the immediate area around the Palace so bring plenty of cash with you.

How to get to the Grand Palace

If you are staying near the MRT or BTS, you can catch the Silom Line (dark green) to Saphan Taksin Station then take exit 2. From here you can take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Ta Chang Pier, with the Grand Palace being around a 10-minute walk from the Pier, with clear directions to the Palace.

You can also catch a taxi to the Palace but check the traffic first. It is worth downloading the GRAB app before your visit – it can be difficult to catch a taxi back to your hotel, especially as a lot of taxis will try to avoid using the meter.


Don’t plan a full day

Do not underestimate the heat in Bangkok. You will likely be shattered by midday, so plan your morning at the Grand Palace but don’t plan a load of activities for the afternoon.

Bring Socks

A strange one but it is worth wearing a pair of socks with your shoes or bringing a pair of socks if you are wearing flip flops. This is for two reasons: firstly, you will be expected to take your shoes off when entering temples within the grounds, such as where the Emerald Buddha is, and no-one wants to walk around barefoot. Secondly, the Palace can occasionally be very strict with the dress code and will ask you to wear socks.

Stay away from nearby food stalls

Thailand has some great street food but the vendors outside the Grand Palace are not examples of them. Often the food is overpriced and tasteless; instead, head to local restaurants or vendors near apartment blocks – always eat where the locals eat for the best food.


Eat on the river

Not too far from the Grand Palace is Trok Maha That Amulet market. Walk through the market and you find some restaurants along the riverfront – the food here is good, decently priced and offers fantastic views.

Head straight to the entrance

As you walk towards the entrance, you will find tuk-tuk drivers trying to tell you that the Palace is closed. They say this in the hope to entice you to overpay for one of there tours to other temples around the city. Just keep walking to the front of the Palace and ignore the tuk-tuk drivers.

Now you are all set for your trip! Have an amazing time at the Grand Palace and tell us about your time in the comments below!

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  • Erica

    Wow. The Grand Palace looks beautiful. I can’t wait to get there and visit see it in person one day. Thank you for the great tips! They will definitely come in handy. It’s good to know that I won’t need a full day at the palace. I would have planned an entire day, so it is good to know I don’t have to. I also appreciate your advice regarding not eating at the food stalls right outside the palace. I try to avoid food right near popular tourist destinations but sometimes I’m so hungry that I can’t resist. Haha.

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