Top Golf Bangkok – An Honest Review

In 2022, Top Golf Bangkok opened its doors and welcomed both newbies and pros to its driving range. Today, we share our honest review of Top Golf Bangkok and how you can visit whilst you are in the city.

What is Top Golf?

Top Golf is a US company, that specialises in sports entertainment. Across North America, they run driving ranges with a focus on being a fun, entertaining experience. Many complexes include bars, and restaurants and some include children’s play areas too. 

Top Golf in Bangkok includes four floors of driving ranges (as beginners, we prefer the higher floors; the balls manage to go in the right direction at least!). You could choose to eat whilst you play, choosing from their bay menu. Or you could eat at one of the restaurants and bars available in the complex; we look at these in more detail below.

Top Golf Bangkok – Need to Know Before You Go

Opening hours

  • Top Golf is open every day of the year, including public holidays. 
  • Top Golf Opening times: 9 am to 11 pm Sunday to Thursday, 9 am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

How to book Top Golf Thailand

  • You book per bay rather than per person, so the bigger the group, the more cost-effective your trip.
  • You can reserve your bay by contacting the social media team or by email – Onestopservice@topgolfthailandcom
  • Check their social media before booking too, they run various deals throughout the year, including a great value solo player deal. 

How to get to Top Golf in Bangkok

Top Golf can be found near the Mega Bangna Shopping centre and there are a few ways to reach here.

By Taxi: The easiest option is to catch a taxi or use Grab directly to the venue. 

By bus: Depending on where you are travelling from, there are a few different bus routes that stop near Top Golf, including the 2 Samron- Park Khlong Talat route. 

By BTS: There isn’t a BTS stop too near Top Golf, but you can get the BTS to Bang Na and then either take a taxi to Top Golf or take the shuttle Bus to Mega Bangna mall and walk to the Top Golf venue.

Prices of Top Golf Thailand

Prices range depending on what time of the day you are going and which day of the week. The full price list can be found here and bays begin at 850B per hour, per bay. 

All equipment needed is included in the price. 

Food at Top Golf Bangkok

There are a few different options that you can choose from when dining at Top Golf Thailand:

  • TopGolf Sports Bar: enjoy American food and a huge selection of drinks whilst watching spots on the huge screen. An outdoor terrace is also included in this sports bar that spans levels 1 and 2. 
  • Pink Giraffe Rooftop Bar: This is an open-air rooftop bar on the fourth floor of the complex. Here you can enjoy cocktails and some Japanese-inspired snacks. 
  • The Patio: This is a casual, beer garden, located on the ground floor, not too far from the mini golf and putting green. With delicious Thai dishes and a few international options, this is a great place for families to enjoy. 
  • The Devil’s Lounge: For a more formal affair, head to the Devil’s Lounge. Here you can find shareable bites along with plenty of wines and whiskeys to choose from. 
Top Golf Bangkok

Top Golf Bangkok – an honest review

Top Golf Bangkok


Pros: There is plenty of parking for drivers. Not too far from Mega Bangna, so you could arrange to go after a morning of shopping or head to the mall after your golf experience. 

Cons: It is more of a challenge to get here using public transport alone. Shuttle buses from Mega Bangna to Top Golf may help visitors in the future but at the moment, the location feels a little far out from the city centre. 

Golfing experience

Pros: There is a huge range of golf clubs available to you and comfortable places to sit during your time in the bay. Each bay has a digital screen that you can be used to track your distance and, in turn, score. Think bowling but with golf.

The digital screen also includes a variety of games that can be played, such as an angry birds-themed game, with your golf ball movements being tracked and mimicked on the screen. 

Cons: One thing that could improve the experience is the ball machine. In a different driving range in Bangkok, you push on a button with your foot and it places a ball in the right spot for you to hit. A very small change that could be made but not essential.


Pros: The staff were very attentive and helpful. We had a member of staff near our bay most of the time and she would even cheer if I managed to successfully hit the ball into the holes and beat my husband. 

On a similar note, whenever we contacted the company via social media, we had clear, quick responses to any questions we had. 

Cons: There is not anything to fault here. 

Top Golf Bangkok


Pros: This is a modern, stylish complex. You can expect to have comfortable seating areas throughout the venue, especially in your bay. Toilets were western and cleaned reguarly and there are hand sanitizer’s around the venue too.

Cons: Again, no more to fault here. 


Pros: There are some good offers available throughout the year, which are worth taking advantage of.

Cons: This is perhaps the most infuriating part of our experience at Top Golf. 

Firstly, the price itself. It is very expensive for an experience in Thailand. I appreciate these prices are probably very similar to the prices in the US but when local driving ranges charge 100B for 40 balls and unlimited time to hit the balls, it can be hard to justify the 850B starting price here. 

Secondly, the pay per bay, per hour. For me, this is what ruins our experience here. To be an entertainment complex, customers need to feel like they can relax, play, drink and eat, as and when they please. We would have liked to have some snacks from the menu and break up the play with a chat on the sofas, but because you are paying 850B per hour, we felt like we had to keep on playing to have our money’s worth. Perhaps paying per ball or paying for a bay of up to a set about of hours would work best for this.

Lastly, the varied prices make this experience confusing too. If you arrive before 12 am during the week it is one price, but then that changes between 12 and 5 pm and then increases even more after 5 pm. Then all of these prices change on the weekends. 

Food and Drink

Top Golf Bangkok

Pros: There are plenty of places to eat in the complex, including a sports bar and a rooftop bar. The menu is vast and the food was great, so there is something for everyone.

Cons: The food was of great quality, which meant the price was justified. However, it may be worth having some cheaper options for the younger people that visit. 

Overall review of Top Golf in Bangkok

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at Top Golf in Bangkok, Thailand. If we were on vacation in Bangkok, it is perhaps less worth a visit, but as an ex-pat in Bangkok, this is definitely a fun way to spend a day. However, the price does put me off returning too often. I would like to view this experience as I do the cinema, going once every month or two, for point of reference, tickets for the cinema range between 150B to 1000B for more luxurious seating. But the high price point and pay per hour, means we will be returning for special occasions only. 

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