How to Travel from BANGKOK to KRABI: A Complete Guide

Krabi is a stunning destination, and today, we share how to travel from Bangkok to Krabi, so you can relax after a busy few days in the city of Bangkok.

Why visit Krabi?

The southern Thai province of Krabi is where many visitors begin their explorations of the country’s most beautiful beaches. From Krabi, you can easily travel to the islands of Ko Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, as well as to the beautiful Railay Beach, known for its blue seas and excellent diving.

Krabi’s more than 150 islets feature a beautiful shoreline, challenging rainforest treks, and a wide variety of rare and unique flora and wildlife. Krabi is an excellent choice for adventure seekers, and it also offers various options for those looking to unwind. Krabi is less developed than Phuket and about 10 times larger, making it more possible to discover a secluded haven.

If you’re in a hurry, hop on a plane, but if you want to see some of the stunning Thai countryside on your way to a tropical paradise, there are plenty of other ways to get from Bangkok to Krabi besides the air. The distance between the two towns is 785 kilometers, so if you plan on driving there be prepared for a long trip.

How to travel from Bangkok to Krabi

Bangkok to Krabi

How to Get from Bangkok to Krabi by Air

There are direct flights from Bangkok to Krabi on Thai Smile, Thai Airways, Bangkok Air, AirAsia, Vietjet, and Hahn Air. The trip takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Planes often land at Krabi Airport after taking off from Don Mueang Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Distance: 655 km (407 miles)

Flights Per Day: 11 

1st flight: 7:35 am

Last flight: 7:25 pm

Departure: Don Mueang Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport

Arrival: Krabi Airport

Airlines: Thai Smile, Thai Airways, Bangkok Air, AirAsia, Vietjet, and Hahn Air

The travel duration can vary widely depending on things like the airline you choose and the weather. Flight times can vary by as much as 30 minutes between airlines.

Route: Don Mueang Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to Krabi by Plane

Price: $30-$100 (depending on airline and seats).

Travel Time: 80 minutes.

Bangkok to Krabi

How to Get from Bangkok to Krabi by Train + Bus

Unfortunately, there is no railway stop in Krabi, so if you’re determined on taking a train instead of a bus, you’ll have to transfer in Surat Thani and take a bus for the rest of the trip. The nighttime portion of the journey could be taken on a relaxing overnight train, and then the remaining distance to Krabi could be traveled in a few hours by bus.

The Hua Lamphong station in Bangkok is the starting point for all trains bound for Surat Thani. Overnight trains are a much more comfortable alternative to daylight options for long distance travel. If you take the train at 6:30 pm, you will reach Surat Thani at around  6:30 am. And if you take the train at 7:30 pm, you will arrive at around 7:30 am. You can get some food and rest before continuing your journey by bus.

The least expensive option is a 2nd Class Fan (no air conditioning on board), followed by 2nd Class AC chairs only (no beds). Heat indexes of 40 degrees Celsius or higher make travel in these railroads unpleasant, so you won’t find many tourists riding these types of trains.

Selecting a 2nd Class Sleeper or 1st Class Sleeper with air conditioning is your best bet for a relaxing trip. In first class, you can choose between private compartments for two persons. While the second class sleeper offers beds in an open compartment with many other travelers. In order to ensure a compartment seat, it is recommended to purchase your ticket ahead of time. However, if you prefer to buy your ticket at the station, you can typically do so without making any prior arrangements; however, be aware that thousands of people every day queue to purchase tickets so it can be quite a hassle.

You can take a bus for about three hours from Surat Thani bus station to Krabi. You have the option of booking your bus and railway tickets individually through a travel website, or together in one convenient package at the train station. In that case, you should just purchase a railway ticket and reserve a bus seat once you reach Surat Thani.

Route: Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok to Surat Thani (by train)  Surat Thani bus station to Krabi (by bus).

Price: Train $30-$70. Bus $16-$35.

Travel Time: 12 hours by train + 3 hours by bus.

Bangkok to Krabi by Bus

Traveling by bus from Bangkok to Krabi takes about 13 hours and covers a distance of about 780 kilometers. Bangkok Mochit Bus Depot is the starting point for the bus route between Bangkok and Krabi, which is operated by The Transport Company and Thai Sriram Travel. However, vacation and holiday plans may differ, so it’s best to double-check well in preparation.

Khao San Road’s VIP buses leave at 08:00 and arrive at Laem Ngop’s Centerpoint dock at 15:00. The fee per person is 450 Baht, including the boat ticket. This service targets Khao San Road visitors and is more pricey than the government bus.

Route: Bangkok Mochit Bus Depot to Krabi Bus Terminal

Price: $16-$25

Travel Time: 13-15 hours.

Bangkok to Krabi

From Bangkok to Krabi and Islands by Ferry

When traveling to the islands from Bangkok to Krabi Town (whether by transport or aircraft), a ferry will be necessary. Visitors to Krabi on their way to the Koh Phi Phi islands require a ferry transport.

Several docks in Krabi serve as departure points for boats that provide various levels of service and luxury. The Phi Phi Islands can be reached by ferry in about two hours. The boats are spacious and feature air conditioning, a balcony for those who prefer open views of the sea, and a concession stand for those who get hungry or thirsty during the trip. The same journey on a high-speed boat would take only about 90 minutes. 

Ferry tickets can be purchased upon arrival in Krabi, but you can also purchase a combined transport and boat pass to get there and back. It may take some time during the peak season to locate a seat on a ferry to a famous destination like Koh Phi Phi. Booking in advance online can help you prevent waiting times.

Route: Bangkok to Krabi Town to Koh Phi Phi Islands

Price: $30 Lowest airfare from Bangkok to Krabi + $23 minimum for the boat fare to the island.

Travel Time: 80 minutes by plane to Krabi + 2 hours boat ride.

How to get to Krabi from Bangkok by Taxi (Car/Van)

Taxis are easy to find in Bangkok, and you can take one to get to Krabi. The trip could take up to 11 hours, so you should plan ahead. You can choose when and where you want to be picked up, whether it’s from a motel or the airport. Most of the time, you can take a break whenever you need to. From Bangkok to Krabi, the price of a taxi ranges from $362 to $500, depending on how many people can fit in the car and what kind of luxury features it has.

This is an expensive choice if you’re going alone, but it gives you a lot of room to move. Since the fee is tied to the car, keep in mind that you can share it with other people in the car. A big taxi that can fit 9 people will cost about $500, which is less than $60 per passenger.

Route: Bangkok to Krabi Town.]

Price: $500 – Luxury up to 9 persons.

Travel Time: 11 hours

How to get to Krabi from Bangkok by Own Car

The distance between Bangkok and Krabi Town is 487 miles (or 783 kilometers), which, under ideal conditions, should be covered in 10 hours. The average fuel cost of a self driven car which can carry 4 persons from Bangkok to Krabi is around $140 or $35 per passenger.

Route: Bangkok to Krabi Town.

Price: $140 or $35 per passenger.

Travel Time: 10 hours.

Things to Know Before You Go to Krabi

Bangkok to Krabi

Is it worth traveling to Krabi?

Krabi is a fantastic alternative to the more popular tourism destinations of Bangkok and Phuket if you have always wanted to visit Thailand but were put off by the thought of crowds. It’s possible that the calm nature of Khao Sok National Park or the pristine shores of Koh Phangan will be better. But it’s a wonderful compromise between the hectic pace of Thai culture and the opportunity to relax in serene natural settings. That being said, if this is what you’re after, a trip to Krabi is well worth it!

What is Krabi famous for?

The towering limestone rocks of Ton Sai Beach and Railay Beach are what bring rock climbers from all over the globe to Krabi.

Island hopping is also a common activity there. Day excursions to Phi Phi Island, Hong Island, Bamboo Island, and the Four Islands (Pranang Beach, Tup Island, Chicken Island and Poda Island) can be readily arranged from Krabi .

What should I do to get around Krabi?

To get from one place to another in Krabi is a breeze. The central business district is typically compact enough that all of its amenities can be reached on foot. There are public transportation, cabs, and tuk tuks if you feel like exploring the area.

The more daring option would be to hire a motorbike. Getting around town on two wheels is our favored method of travel because we enjoy the fresh air and the freedom of moving at a more relaxed speed.

Renting a motorbike in Krabi or Ao Nang will only set you back 200 Thai Baht (less than $6) per day. Don’t stress about “being taken for a trip” with high costs because prices are fairly standard. The total expense to fill the tank is about 100 Thai Baht, which is less than $3.

Can I drink Tap Water in Thailand?

No. Don’t drink tap water in Thailand! Only consume water that has been boiled or treated. You must rely on  packaged water because the local supply is unfit for human consumption.

When is the best time to Visit Krabi?

While the rainy season is from May to October, the dry months of November through April are ideal for visiting Krabi. Keep in mind that this is their busiest travel time of year, so expect higher prices.

From the beginning of May until the end of October, visitors are unable to do things like swimming in the Blue Pool (which is a component of Emerald Pool) or scuba diving near the Similan Islands.

It’s for the best that these rare natural environments are protected from the thousands of visitors who flock to see them every year for six months.

How many days should you spend at Krabi?

Krabi, Thailand, has a wide variety of activities and attractions. Most visitors can see everything they want to see in Krabi in three days. If you’re a night owl, you will be in heaven in Krabi. In addition, those who prefer a more relaxed tempo will also find it suitable.  Krabi is a wonderful place to unwind and recharge if you decide to extend your trip.

Getting tickets

It’s best to book a trip from Bangkok to Krabi in advance, especially during busy times like summer and holidays. When tickets are bought earlier in the trip, they cost less.

You can take night trains, but you have to make reservations ahead of time. Getting one of these might be hard, especially during the busy months.

In reality, you can almost always book a seat on a bus from Bangkok to Krabi right up until the last minute. Before making a reservation, it’s important to read reviews and only use well-known transportation companies.

Bangkok to Krabi

Where to Eat in Krabi?

Krabi Town offers several places to dine that are a bit plain but offers delicious food, Ao Nang has everything from shellfish joints to fast food to steakhouses, and Railey Beach has both five-star restaurants and casual beachfront cafés. Below are some of our top recommendations.

D&E’s Jungle Kitchen

33 Ao Nang, Krabi 81000, Thailand

For authentic Thai food at reasonable prices and with warm, welcoming service, D&E’s Jungle Cuisine is hard to beat in Ao Nang. Located 500 meters south of the Ao Nang Temple and about 1.5 kilometers from the shore, it is on the major route leading to Krabi Town in the southern section of Ao Nang.

The bamboo and thatch-covered venue is a cozy, low-key spot. The eatery is run by a warm and welcoming local family, contributing to its genuine neighborhood atmosphere.

Carnivore Steak & Grill

127 Khlong Hang Road, Ao Nang, Krabi 81000, Thailand.

When in Ao Nang, meat eaters know to go to Carnivore Steak & Restaurant. In addition to its specialty of barbecued meats, the establishment also offers a wide variety of western favorites like stews, fish meals, salads, and more in its fashionable rural setting.

Krua Thara

82 Ao Nang, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Although it’s located far from Krabi’s gastronomic epicenter, this Nopparat Thara eatery still manages to impress with its unassuming presentation of superbly fresh fish.

The Grotto

Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

The Grotto, so called because it is located within a gorgeous limestone grotto with a floor of fine-powdered sand and a door leading out onto the shore, is a truly one-of-a-kind location.

The eatery is a dreamy place to watch the sun go down because of the way it skillfully combines high-end furnishings and an upscale ambience with authentic natural décor. You must be a lodge visitor in order to dine in this restaurant.

Bangkok to Krabi

Where to Stay in Krabi?

Klong Muang, Railay Beach, and Ao Nang are among the top places to remain in Krabi. Whether you’re looking for a five-star hotel or a cheap hostel, Krabi has plenty of options. We suggest the following hotels:

Dusit Thani Krabi Resort

In a prime location on Klong Muang Beach, the Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort is a luxurious 5-star choice. The excellent setting, delicious breakfast, relaxing pools, and convenient proximity to a beautiful beach all contribute to the resort’s high level of overall excellence.

Anana Ecological Resort Krabi

Located in Krabi, the Anana Eco Resort is a haven for nature lovers.  Located on Ao Nang Beach, 3.3 kilometers from Ao Nang Krabi Boxing Stadium and 9 kilometers from Dragon Crest Peak, the Anana Ecological Resort Krabi provides luxurious accommodations.

Sunrise Tropical Resort

Beautiful cottages and tiny houses can be found at the Sunrise Tropical Resort, which is located right on Railay’s ideal beach.

Holiday Inn Resort Krabi

The Holiday Inn Resort Krabi on Ao Nang Beach is a stylish resort that sits on the quiet, white sands of Ao Nang Beach.

Brown Hotel

In the heart of Krabi town, just 300 meters from Wat Kaew Korawaram and 1.8 kilometers from Thara Park, you’ll find the Brown Hotel. The 3-star motel features a common bar, air-conditioned accommodations with balconies, and free Wifi.

Best Things to Do in Krabi

Bangkok to Krabi

Visit the Emerald Pool

The Emerald Pool is a well-known pond in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park that is full of life. The park is a lowland forest with a nature trail and a lot of different kinds of plants and animals. Along with the gorgeous Emerald Pool is the Blue Pool, which is also known for its bright and unique color. Both are the colors that give them their names because they reflect the sun and the jungle around them.

Explore the Phi Phi Islands

Some of the most beautiful places in Thailand are the Phi Phi Islands. Just a 90-minute ferry ride from Krabi Town, this island has everything you need for a great vacation in the tropics. The most popular things to do in the Phi Phi Islands are snorkeling, rock climbing, scuba diving, and hiking. Phi Phi Don is also well-known for its lively atmosphere and great dining scene.

Bangkok to Krabi

Enjoy the beaches of Railay

Railay is one of the most popular places to go to the beach in Thailand. Railay is a peaceful place that is just south of Ao Nang and can only be reached by boat. On one small peninsula, you can find 4 beautiful white-sand beaches, high limestone cliffs, viewpoints, caves, and a lagoon hidden inside the cliffs. Railay is one of the most popular places to go in Krabi, and it’s easy to see why.

Swim at Koh Poda

Koh Poda is one of the Krabi archipelago’s most popular islands. It is only 6 km from Ao Nang Beach, and it takes about 25 minutes by long-tail boat to get there. It has palm and pine trees all over it and is almost completely surrounded by a soft white-sand beach. It is a beautiful tropical getaway in every way. About 20 meters from the beach is a coral reef where you can find many different kinds of sea life.

Experience Krabi Town

Krabi Town is a charming, easygoing, and very small town in Thailand. Tourism has come to Krabi Town, but the town doesn’t go out of its way to attract people from other countries. As the province’s main place to do business and move around, it doesn’t need to. Krabi Town stands out from the beaches around it because it has its own style. Krabi Town is a great place to stay for a while if you want to get a taste of real Thai culture and hospitality.

Bangkok to Krabi

What is the average daily food budget for tourists in Krabi?

The typical total daily expense of meals for tourists in Krabi is $12-$26, but costs can differ widely. A typical dinner in Krabi should cost less than $5 per person, based on the spending patterns of past tourists. Most restaurants offer discounted breakfasts in comparison to their more expensive lunch and supper menus. Restaurant costs in Krabi are typically double than those of fast food joints and roadside vendors.

Average Meal Prices

Lunch: $4.00

Drinks on the Beach $4.00

Sit Down Dinner: $9.00

Nice Dinner: $17.00

Mango Shake: $1.50

Pad Thai: $3.00

Fruit: $1.50

Pancakes/Waffles: ฿100

Bangkok to Krabi

What should I bring to Krabi?

You’ll experience different climates and animals in warm and sunny Thailand. To enjoy the views and trails without being bogged down by nature, pack essentials. Bring these items to a Krabi resort:

Insect repellent – Thailand has nice tropical weather, but insects thrive there. These bloodsuckers can bite and spread diseases that mar vacations. You cannot control the mosquitoes in a Krabi house lodge, but you can protect your skin with sunscreen. To avoid mosquitoes on holiday in warm nations, be prepared. We love these bracelets in Thailand, you can avoid spraying directly onto your skin and they last for hours.

Weather Resistant Jacket

Some humid days are unexpected. Despite the outlook of a clear day, showers or light rains may occur. Bring a lightweight, packable jacket or rain gear to avoid getting wet. This will keep you healthy while exploring Krabi or nature. Since tropical wet days are muggy and hot, choose a lightweight, airy jacket or windbreaker.

Trail Shoes

For optimal ease, bring worn-in shoes. To experience Krabi’s culture, you’ll need to trek, so make sure your feet are comfy. If you want to hike excellent paths in the woods, make sure you have the right shoes. Some ground is slick and hazardous.

Lightweight Apparel

Over the beach clothes, pack lots of dry-fit and workout gear. These outfits will keep you cool while exploring local areas, reducing heat stroke risk. These also wick sweat and dry fast, keeping you relaxed all day.

First-Aid Kit

In case of an outdoor accident, bring your medicines, gauze, and other ointments. Changing temps in warm nations can make people ill, so take the right drugs. For cuts and sprains, bring band-aids and other wound-washing tools; a mini first-aid kit comes in handy!

The warm climate in Thailand can be difficult to manage without these necessary goods and apparel. Krabi villas are beautiful, but to fully enjoy the area, you need the right clothes and supplies. Also, there are a lot of convenient transportation options for tourists in Thailand, making traveling from one place to another easy. Thanks to this guide, you can relax on the journey from Bangkok to Krabi and focus on all the fun activities to do once you arrive. Have an amazing time away!


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