How to travel from BANGKOK to KOH CHANG

Koh Chang is a great place to relax & unwind. So today, we share how to travel from Bangkok to Koh Chang & escape the city.

The majority of Koh Chang, one of the biggest Thai islands in the Gulf of Thailand, is covered in dense, mountainous forest and is surrounded by stunning beaches; making Koh Chang one of the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand.

Chao Po Shrine is regarded as a prominent landmark by the locals. Inland and offshore coral reefs are protected by Mu Ko Chang National Park, a sanctuary featuring hiking routes and waterfalls, including the tiered Klong Plu. 

Several beaches and fishing settlements, such as Bang Bao, are strewn along the coast. Partying on the sea at Hat Tha Nam, also known as Lonely Beach, is a popular tourist activity. 

There are 6 ways to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang (each involves a one-hour boat ride that costs $2.3)

How to travel from Bangkok to Koh Chang

Bangkok to Koh Chang

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang by Bus

Taking a bus from Bangkok to Koh Chang (via Laem Ngop) is the most cost-effective and affordable option.

There are many choices available to you regarding bus routes and schedules. Taking the 999 bus from Ekamai (Eastern) Bus Terminal to Laem Ngop’s two docks, where ferries to Koh Chang depart, is the most convenient and frequent option. Every day at 7.45 and 9 a.m., the first and second departures begin a five or six-hour trip, depending on traffic. The one-way fare is around 260 Baht.

From both Ekamai and Northern Bus Terminals, you may take the #9908 if you feel the #999 buses leave too early (Moh Chit). Again, this will set you back 260 Thai Baht and take around 5 hours to get you to the center of Trat. Getting to the Laem Ngop piers from Trat takes about 30 minutes and costs 60 Baht per person by Songthaew.


Ekamai to Laem Ngop ferry to Koh Chang

Ekkamai to Mo Chit to Trat by Songthaew to Laem Ngop ferry to Koh Chang.


$7.8 and $2.3 for the boat to the island.

S7.8 via Songthaew is $1.8 and $2.3 for the boat to the island.

How to go from Bangkok Airport to Koh Chang by Mini Bus

If you’re flying into Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport and don’t want to shell out the cash for a private ride to Koh Chang, you may choose this option.

Koh Chang Suvarnabhumi Burapha Bus, often known as the “Lonely Beach Express.” This service travels to Lonely beach (thus the name) on the western coast of Koh Chang and stops at any resort on the route.

Daily departure times are at 07:50, 11:00, and 14:00. You can still reach Koh Chang on the day’s last boat if you take the last bus at 14:00. You may catch it on the ground level of the airport terminal building for 600 Baht, and that includes your boat ticket. This service’s booking office is located on the first floor of the terminal, near Door 8.


Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang.


$18 (includes boat ticket).

Bangkok to Koh Chang

How to Get From Khao San Road to Laem Ngop to Koh Chang By VIP Bus

Khao San Road’s VIP buses leave at 08:00 and arrive at Laem Ngop’s Centerpoint dock at 15:00. The fee per person is 450 Baht, including the boat ticket. This service targets Khao San Road visitors and is more pricey than the government bus.


Khao San Road to Laem Ngop, then to Koh Chang.


$13.50 (inclusive of boat fare to the island).

Bangkok Airport to Koh Chang by Government Bus

Government Buses leave the airport terminal and go straight to the Laem Ngop piers. There are only two-morning departures offered daily. The departure hours are 8:20 and 10:20. About 250 Baht is required.

Shuttle buses to the airport bus terminal depart from Level 1, Door 5.


Suvarnabhumi Airport to Laem Ngop, then to Koh Chang.


$7.50 and $2.3 for the boat fare to the island.

Bangkok to Koh Lanta

How to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok by Car/Van

Traveling by car is usually more convenient than using public transportation. The apparent benefits of this mode of transportation include the following:

  • Making stops solely at your request.
  • Receiving assistance with baggage.
  • Selecting a vehicle from any class.

The Bangkok to Koh Chang transfer takes around 3 hours and 25 minutes and costs $165 (for an Economy-class vehicle for 4 persons) and $210 for a minivan). Please be aware that a car, or any other mode of transportation, will only get you to Trat or the pier, and from there, and you will need to board a boat, the cost of which is not included in the transfer price.


Bangkok to Trat to Koh Chang (not included)


$165 – Car to Trat.

$210 – Mini Van to Trat.

How to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok by Air

Bangkok Airways is the airline that flies directly from Bangkok to Koh Chang. An hour-long flight will set you back about $76. Suvarnabhumi Airport is where the flight takes off from, and Trat Airport is where it lands. Get a ride to the dock and a ferry to the island. A total of three daily flights are available, and none of them fly overnight.

It doesn’t matter how you travel to Koh Chang; you’ll eventually get up at the dock where ferries depart for the island. The Koh Chang Ferry Terminal is just 30 kilometers away from Trat, and a pickup may take you there. 

From 6:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night, ferries leave every 30 minutes. Transportation takes 30 minutes and costs $2.3. Center Point Ferry Pier is another option, about 20 kilometers from Trat. The trip to the island takes 25 minutes, and there are no trips during the night.


Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat Airport, then to Koh Chang.


The trip will cost you $81.1 ($76 for the aircraft, $2.8 for the pickup to the dock, and $2.3 for the boat to the island).

Things to know before you go to Koh Chang

Bangkok to Koh Chang

Where is Koh Chang located?

Koh Chang is situated in Trat Province in the southeast of Thailand. This island is part of Moo Koh Chang National Park and is close to the Cambodian border. 

This island is around 300 kilometers from Bangkok and is accessible by plane or car. With a length of 30 kilometers and a width of 14 kilometers, Koh Chang has a total area of 217 square kilometers.

What is Koh Chang famous for?

Koh Chang is renowned for its rainforests, magnificent beaches, coral reefs, mangrove forests, and waterfalls since it comprises 70% of Moo Koh Chang National Park’s offshore area. It is also renowned as a hilly island, having its highest point at the 744-meter Khao Salak Phet peak.

 If you like trekking, there are various pathways to explore on this island. This island can accommodate all sorts of tourists, from sea lovers to mountaineers. If you are interested in both, this island is for you.

Is a trip to Koh Chang worthwhile?

Koh Chang is unquestionably deserving of a visit, as it offers a variety of attractions, including magnificent beaches, an incredible setting for snorkeling, the ideal combination of forest and sea, and good food and lodging. This island will meet your needs whether you like mountains or the sea and is a popular option for those looking for romantic things to do in Thailand.

How do I navigate Koh Chang?

There are three standard modes of transportation in Koh Chang: Songthaew, motorcycles, and vehicles.

Elephant island’s primary mode of transportation is the Songthaew. They traverse the island’s west coast and stop at many locations. The pricing will vary according to your site and begins at 20 THB per person.

As Songthaews cannot reach the island’s eastern shore, the motorcycle is one of the most excellent options for seeing the island. The daily rental rate for a motorbike is around 300-400 THB.

If you have a car and are wondering if you can bring it to the island, the answer is yes, since Koh Chang is rather large and the boat can also transport your vehicle. With the automobile, you may go farther down the island to the Salak Phet region, one of the island’s must-dos.

How many days should you spend at Koh Chang?

Koh Chang is best explored over at least three days. You can explore and discover this rugged island for three days. You have time to explore natural sites, including waterfalls, go trekking, experience the nightlife, or relax.

When is the perfect time to visit Koh Chang?

The ideal time to visit Koh Chang is between November and February before the rainy season begins. This island’s climate is comparable to that of Bangkok. However, this time of year provides a reprieve from unexpected downpours, a cloudy sky, and blazing sunlight.

Also, it is not a pleasant experience to wake up anticipating a gorgeous dawn only to be met by heavy morning rain. If you cannot visit the island during this period, you are welcome to come at any other time. We traveled in April. The abrupt onset of severe rains on the first two days of the vacation prevented us from doing any snorkeling, but we still had a pleasant time overall.

What is there to see and do in Koh Chang?

Hiking in national parks, visiting beaches and little villages along the scenic coast partying on the waterfront, and experiencing night markets and strolling piers are all things to do in Koh Chang.

  • Visit the Cape Chai Chet or KaiBae viewpoints for spectacular sunrise, sunset, and ocean views.
  • White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Who Island, and Wai Chaek Beach are among the beaches in this region.
  • Zip lines, a Tarzan swing, and tightropes are among the exhilarating attractions available at the Tree Top Adventure Park Koh Chang.
  • At Kai Bae Meechai Elephant Camp, you may feed and ride elephants.
  • The Crocodile and Snake Show displays these intriguing creatures in a live performance.
Bangkok to Koh Chang

Where to eat in Koh Chang?

Koh Chang’s eating and dining reflect the city’s multiculturalism, ranging from Thai specialties to ethnic cuisines across the globe in sit-down and takeout restaurants.

  • Ciao Koh Chang serves Italian specialties with a fresh and inventive touch.
  • Q Eather Koh Chang on Lonely Beach has a great environment, a laid-back feel, and western fusion cuisine.
  • Barrio Bonito on Mam Kai Bae Beach serves Mexican cuisine. 
  • The White Elephant serves Scandinavian food and a wide selection of specialty beers.
  • Oasis Koh Chang at the Koh Chang Bungalows resort offers dining in a tree house.
  • Happy Turtle on Bailan Beach serves healthful traditional Thai cuisine made from locally available ingredients. 

Where to Stay in Koh Chang

Bangkok to Koh Chang

Bamboo Resort

The Bamboo Resort is one of the most excellent places to stay on White Sand Beach since it is so conveniently located, only a few yards from the sand. The thirty or so furnished rooms at Bamboo resort all have TVs, air conditioning, and private bathrooms and look out over the resort’s central pool, making it a perfect choice for couples.

If you decide to go out for the evening, the resort is near several White Sand restaurants and bars. You can get free towels and toilet paper, but if you want to lie down in the sun, you’ll have to pay a small fee. Regarding the beach, the Bamboo resort hosts a BBQ with fresh seafood and pork every night, making it a fine place to spend the evening while taking in one of Thailand’s famous sunsets.

Pajamas Koh Chang

If searching for a dorm room in Koh Chang, go no further than Pajamas. The hostel offers a pool, bar, and restaurant, making it a great place to meet people and have a good time.

This hostel has a great location, only a short stroll from the beach and the exciting nightlife of the neighborhood. The staff has a reputation for having a great time at work and being eager to help guests with tour arrangements and trip preparations.

Beach Jungle

Beach Jungle, situated in the bustling Lonely Beach district, is an attractive option for individuals needing a cozy retreat without sacrificing the company of others.

Relax at the beach throughout the day, and then return to the hostel to play table tennis or billiards and drink from the bar. Each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning system, and refrigerator.

Best Things to Do in Koh Chang

Bangkok to Koh Chang

Trekking with Elephants

On ‘Elephant Island,’ there are presently six elephant camps where visitors may swim with the elephants, feed them, and ride them.

Ban Kwan Chang, the most popular and presumably compassionate elephant camp, is backed by the Asian Elephant Foundation and is situated in Klong Son, distant from the resorts. You may see elephants in their natural habitat, surrounded by forests and fruit plantations.

Scuba Dive

Koh Chang is becoming a popular diving location. This popularity is mainly due to the beginner-friendly diving sites in Koh Chang Marine Park and the island’s range of well-run dive schools.

Diving is available all year; however, the ideal time for high visibility and calm seas is between November and May. Koh Chang is increasingly popular with novices learning to dive or updating their abilities due to the absence of strong currents and shallow seas.

Trekking in the Jungle

It is difficult to hike alone on the island since there are no well-marked pathways. As a result, most tourists prefer to travel with a guide who will not only know the numerous paths but also point out fauna that an inexperienced eye may miss. The primary routes revolve around the Klong Son Valley, Klong Prao beach, and the Kai Bae area. A cross-island route also connects Klong Plu and Than Mayom waterfalls.

The guides provide half-day or full-day excursions that include transport, lunch, drink, and, most crucially, bug protection. Tan Trekking, Koh Chang Jungle Trekking, and Jungle Fever Trekking are three of the most popular trekking businesses in Koh Chang. All have received rave reviews and glowing remarks.

Visiting the WaterFalls of Koh Chang 

Waterfalls abound in Koh Chang due to its steep topography and 70% rainforest. The island has eight notable waterfalls, some more accessible than others. Three prominent Koh Chang waterfalls are listed below with short descriptions. 

Klong Plu

The island’s most famous waterfall is Klong Plu, the west coast’s most accessible. This spectacular waterfall is a 15-minute forest hike north of Klong Prao. Early morning visits are recommended to avoid crowds. Since the waterfall is in the National Park, adults must pay 200 Baht and children 100 Baht.

Klong Nueng

Due to its distant location, Klong Nueng, the island’s highest waterfall, is the hardest to reach. If you hike there, you’ll see beautiful views and be the only one in Klong Nueng. From a former car park at the end of an inland road, hike up the riverbed for about 1 km to reach the site.

Than Mayom 

You can see Than Mayom on the island’s east shore, south of Dan Mai. But it would help if you were on a guided trek to see Than Mayom waterfall’s fourth and most impressive level. Families with children should visit this waterfall. Since two Kings visited the waterfall over 100 years ago and engraved their names into the rocks, Thais love it.

How much money should I budget for Koh Chang?

It is preferable to budget your travel daily. Depending on your travel preferences, your travel budget may vary. You may see mine below and begin designing your own. Please note that there are standard costs for the following services:

  • Food: beginning at 20 – 40 THB per street food snack
  • Massage: between 250 and 350 THB per hour
  • Water: 20 THB/ 1.5 liter
  • Beer: 100-150 THB
  • National park admission: 200 baht per person
  • Motorbike rent: 300 – 400 THB/ day
  • Ferry: 250 THB per four-seater

What should I bring to Koh Chang?

Pack for Koh Chang like you would for any beach vacation. Here are several things that you should not forget to bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunglasses
  • Suncream
  • Sarong
  • Shorts
  • Sandal/Flip flop
  • Light clothes

Things to know before you go to Bangkok

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