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America’s popular pancake house has made it to Thailand! IHop Bangkok is now available in the MegaBangna shopping area, so we headed over to try the food; including those infamous pancakes. 

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IHop Bangkok Location

The restaurant isn’t in the mall itself, but is to the right of the main entrance to Mega Bangna and around 5 minutes’ walk from the Ikea entrance. You will find the restaurant is opposite PAUL depuis1889 and the floor above the Tops supermarket. 

MegaBangna is a spacious shopping mall in Bangkok that is further out from the city centre but with a lot to offer. We love visiting here for the western stores and various cafes and restaurants but also for the massive cinema too. 

The restaurant

Once inside, the restaurant is a café sized place, seating around 30-35 people. This gives you a café feel which I prefer to the overwhelming, busy iHop restaurants that you find around America. The décor is simple but modern with different types of chairs and seating arrangements. There is also an option to sit outside but the seats aren’t far from the main drop-off section of the shopping mall, which can get busy on weekends. 

This restaurant is open from 7am to 10pm every day. 

The IHOP menu

The menu focuses predominantly on breakfast items. Most cooked breakfast options can be paired with different types of towering pancakes whilst there was a whole page detailing the types of pancakes available. There was also a selection of waffles and crepes available, both sweet and savoury. 

There are some options that aren’t breakfast items; a handful of burgers, sandwiches and a few steak, chicken or fish entrée options. I can’t imagine having dinner here but it was a popular choice for many when we visited for brunch one Saturday morning. 

The food

On our visit, we tried a few different meals. 

Combo breakfast:

Firstly, I tried one of their combo breakfasts; hash brown, sausage and egg with a side of pancakes. I chose their raspberry white cheesecake pancakes. 

The breakfast had some good and bad points. Everything did taste nice but, after eating the hash brown for a while, it became a bit too much. I think it’s a bit too greasy for me, so a smaller amount is enough.

The pancakes were great. Thick but light and the sauce on top was fantastic. I also tried the iHop signature syrups which were also pretty good. The blueberry was way to bitter for my liking but the original syrup was perfect. 


Calum tried the Denver burger. This was a burger served with cheese, omelette, onion and a slice of ham.  This tasted nicer than it sounds! The food was good quality and the burger was a decent size but not too greasy. 

Overall, the food here is tasty and is great if you are missing a bit of western food and want a comfort meal. I wouldn’t have it every weekend, it is a bit too much for a normal breakfast. Next time, I will probably skip the breakfast and just have pancakes. 

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Breakfast! Brunch all in one

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The price at IHOP Bangkok

Prices here are fair and actually quite a bit cheaper than other western breakfast places in Bangkok. 

Pancakes – under 200 baht (typically around 195 for a stack of 3 pancakes with various toppings)

Waffles and Crepes – around 190 depending on topping choices. 

Omelettes – 175 baht from a choice of 4 omelettes. 

Sandwiches – 240 baht 

Combo breakfasts – between 240 and 300 baht, depending on what you are combining. 

Burgers – 240 baht from a choice of 4 burgers. 

Overall, we enjoyed our time at IHOP and noticed a lot of families visiting this restaurant. Food here is good for the price you pay and I can imagine children loving the variety of pancakes and waffles available. 

Recommended for families and expats who are missing a bit of home comforts. 

IHOP Bangkok
IHOP Bangkok

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