How to travel from London to Bangkok

We share how to travel from London to Bangkok, so you can find the best travel option for your next trip to Thailand from the UK.

Lots of London residents visit Bangkok as there are plenty of things to do in Thailand including temples, vibrant nightlife, and delicious street food.

How to travel from London to Bangkok

Bangkok and London are over 5909 miles ( 9552 km) apart and there are over 5 different routes including flights, trains, and buses.

London serves as England’s capital and stands among Europe’s significant urban centers. Meanwhile, Bangkok holds the distinction of being Thailand’s capital and a prominent tourist hotspot within Asia.

When planning a journey from London to Bangkok, it’s important to research in order to secure affordable and efficient transportation.

View from a plane travelling from London to Bangkok

London to Bangkok travel options:


London residents can either fly from London Heathrow, London City, or London Gatwick. 

You can choose to take direct flights with airlines such as Eva Air or Thai Airways but for a nicer and often cheaper option, you could fly with Emirates or Etihad, with stopovers in the Middle East.

Trains and Flights:

Tourists can take the train from London to Birmingham International which is about an hour-long train ride and then fly the rest of the route to Bangkok. 

Alternatively, you could take a 3.5-hour train ride to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and then fly the remainder of the route.  

The primary train route from London, UK, to Bangkok, Thailand, typically involves a journey through France, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Taking a train for part of the route can bring down the cost of travel versus taking a direct international flight. 

Trains and Buses:

Using the Trans-Siberian railway to Moscow is an efficient route and allows you to stop to sightsee along the way or to go directly to Moscow. It is a long route so you may choose to purchase a sleeper cabin to spend your time sleeping overnight.

 Once in Moscow you will have the option of taking faster or slower routes which will affect the total cost, and then you will also need to choose if you want to take a budget (Trans-Mongolian) or luxury (Golden Eagle) train which will cut across Mongolia and the Gobi desert before entering Beijing China.

Using the Trans-Siberian Trip Planner you can plan stopovers to explore the destinations along the route.

From Beijing, you will take the two-night sleeper to Hanoi, then head to and then Phnom Penh via Saigon which will take you to Cambodia, and then you will board the 16-hour bus to Bangkok.  The total route will take two weeks to complete.

View from Trans-Siberian Train

Why take a train instead of flying to Bangkok?

Are you tired of the terrible food, cramped seats, lost luggage, and long security waits involved with international travel then trade in your plane ticket for a train ride?

Using trains as your source of travel is often more comfortable, and flexible and offers scenic views as you take one of the two major routes across Europe and Asia on the Trans-Siberian railway. Also by taking a train instead of a plane you are reducing greenhouse gasses in the environment and helping our planet.

I would advise you to book a package deal through an organized trip as while booking yourself can offer flexibility and save money, you will have to figure out how to transfer between the Eurostar and Tran-Siberan railway on your own. 

Can you travel directly from London, United Kingdom to Bangkok, Thailand?

The answer is “YES!” There are a variety of airlines that offer direct flights from Heathrow Airport to Bangkok Airport daily including Thai Airways (TG), British Airways (BA) Qatar Airlines, and Eva Air landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) in Bangkok.

How long is the flight from London to Bangkok?

The flight route from London to Bangkok takes approximately 12 hours if flying direct and even longer if flying with any layovers in your route. 

When is the best time to fly from London to Bangkok?

The best time to fly between London and Bangkok is November to April.

Steps to Booking a Flight from London to Bangkok:

Step #1: Choose an Airport

Decide which airport in London you will fly out of as the Major airports in London for international travel include Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW), London City (LCY), and Stansted (STN).

Step #2: Check Visa and Entry Requirements – Do I need a VISA?

Those with British passports are eligible for a 30-day visa-free entry into Bangkok as long as the reason is tourism. All tourists should ensure they have the necessary visa or entry requirements for Thailand, so consult the Thai embassy or Consulate before booking a trip. Tourists can often extend their visas between 30-60 days with permission.

Step #3: Book Vaccinations

Health providers would encourage all travelers to get vaccinations for hepatitis A, typhoid, and tetanus and if you plan to explore rural Thailand then you should get Malaria prophylaxis but it is best to consult a health provider well in advance of leaving the country.

Step #4: Book Flights

Once your travel documents are in order you can use various travel websites like Skyscanner, a travel agency, or go directly to the airline’s websites to book flights. It is important to consider cost, layovers, and luggage allowances when selecting a flight. Booking flights early can be an advantage as you often receive better pricing than waiting closer to the departure date.

Getting Around Bangkok

Once you arrive in Bangkok you will need to know how to get around and explore the city. Bangkok has multiple affordable transportation options including the subway (MRT), the Skytrain (BTS), taxis, and tuk-tuks.

If you are using multiple public transportation options you will want to buy the Rabbit card for easy accessibility as it allows you to load your card with money and then tap on and off transit.

When traveling you should always be aware of your safety and while these transportation routes are safe you should ensure you hold on tight to your luggage, use reputable transportation options, and be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas such as train station platforms.

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