The Best Time to visit Krabi

The Best Time to visit Krabi will vary depending on your preferences but we share our favorite time to visit and the best month to visit Krabi too.

Krabi is a hot favorite among tourists across the globe. Unable to figure out when is the best time to visit Krabi, this post is all you need to read. 

The Best Time to visit Krabi

Best Time to visit Krabi

Krabi weather, all year around.

The climate of Krabi is tropical, divided into three seasons: summer, monsoons, and winters. There is no autumn as such. The temperature is towards the higher side throughout the year and rarely drops below 31 °C (88 °F). You will never feel cold in Krabi. Anytime is good to visit Krabi, the only difference being: that some months will make your trip to Krabi, a good holiday and some, a great holiday.

Is summer a good time for Krabi?

Yass! It’s hot and humid for sure but the sultry weather is a good change for many tourists, especially for those coming from cold countries. The summer season starts in March and ends in late June. Krabi’s scorching sunshine means a great tan. Those who love to get tanned and have been to Krabi during these months will vouch for it. It is also a great season to take a dip. The water is absolutely crystal clear and waves have just the right amount of current. 

Krabi is equally famous for its rocky cliffs, caves, and national parks. If you are the type of person who likes to explore caves and cliffs, the summer season is for you. The steep terrain is less slippery compared to the other months. The second benefit is that the caves also protect one from the sun which gets harsh and pinchy, from noon onwards in summer.

Krabi is worth the consideration if you are planning to visit it during the summer months. It is surely less crowded making it a peaceful summer destination. Being a lower season, from a tourism point of view, the tariffs of the hotels tend to come down too.

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Monsoon Season in Krabi

There are select destinations/ countries in the world which witness the monsoon season. Krabi is one of them. That’s when the sun hides behind the dense clouds, the sea gets rough and it pours heavily. Monsoons officially mark the end of the summer season and appear close to the last dates of June. 

Lying in the southwestern part of Thailand, touching the Andaman Sea, Krabi has its share of typhoons in the monsoon season which can be a deal breaker for many. If you are looking forward to boat trips there are high chances of them being canceled due to the rough weather and waves. The sea is certainly not at its friendliest! The government cancels water activities as they are unsafe during this period.

Krabi in the monsoons might not be the greatest of all ideas but it has a few things running in its favor. The air tickets to Krabi are the cheapest. You can get the best deals and stay in accommodations/ luxury properties which might be out of your budget in the peak tourist months of Krabi.

The Winter season in Krabi

The Winter season commences just before November starts, covering the months of December, January, and February. These are considered the best months to visit Krabi. Undoubtedly, tourism is at its peak. Throngs of tourists arrive in Krabi from different parts of the world.

The winter season is perfect for those who find heat intolerable and are not fond of it. You can escape the cold elsewhere in the world and visit Krabi; this is the BEST TIME TO VISIT KRABI in our opinion. It is warm and sunny to enjoy long swims in the sea but has enough of a cool breeze to enjoy a stroll along the beach or wander through the attractions and markets.

The weather is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. If you love nature and hiking, it’s a great season to explore nearby national parks.

It is in the winter when Krabi becomes a party destination. It comes alive, especially close to Christmas and New Year dates. New Year countdown parties are one of the best. Island hopping is a great idea in winter. The downside is that Krabi tends to get overcrowded and things get pricier. Starting from air tickets to hotel tariffs, the prices go up. 

Another downside is the popular beaches are overcrowded and noisy too. So, if you are looking at a peaceful winter location, Krabi does not exactly make it to the top.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Festivals of Thailand

Festivals are a great way to understand and get acquainted with the rituals of the locals. Traditional festivals of Thailand to watch out for are the Loy Krathong Festival, Thai New Year and the Krabi Naga Fest.

The Loy Krathong Festival is celebrated on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month of the Thai calendar. The festival marks the end of the rainy season. The locals thank the water goddess for visiting them and bid adieu to her.

Locals celebrate the festival by releasing krathongs near water bodies across Thailand, watching the waves take them away. Krathongs, literally translated as ‘floating bodies’ are usually made of banana leaves and watermelon slices. They are decorated with flowers and incense sticks. Some like to put in some valuables or coins as offerings to the water goddess.

Street vendors sell some beautiful handcrafted Krathongs. It is not a loud festival, on the contrary, an extremely serene and peaceful one.

Thai New Year

Also referred to as Songkran, Thai New Year is fun to participate in. Unlike usual festivals which are a day-long affair, Songkran is a 3-day affair. The festival starts on 13th April and ends on April 15th. It is also called ‘The Water Splashing Festival’. People gather on streets and squares and splash water on others. The friendly locals are very welcoming and encourage all to join the fun. Besides the water fight, there are shows and performances along with friendly races.

Krabi Naga Fest

Again a 3-day event, Krabi Naga Fest is organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. An evening affair, Krabi Naga Fest dates usually fall in the later dates of February or in the first week of March. The venue of the fest is Khlong Muang Beach, a beach near Krabi. Various local singers and local bands perform here. Besides that, you get to binge on local street food. There are many stalls selling local products. The fest has an upbeat vibe to it. Entry is free!

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Krabi Packing List

Clothes – In summer, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are recommended. However in monsoons, materials like synthetic/ poly work the best as there are good chances of getting drenched.

Leather and faux leather products are not recommended – Be it shoes or fashion accessories. Leather gets spoilt easily in humid weather. 

Waterproof backpack/ waterproof sling bag – To keep your gadgets and precious belongings safe.

Foldable umbrella – There can be spells of rain throughout the year.

Raincoat – A must carry in monsoon season.

Mosquito repellent/cream – Mosquitoes breed in humid weather and nights and can make your life miserable, be it indoors or outdoors, keep mosquito repellent always with you.

Sunscreen lotion – Above SPF 30 during monsoon and winter periods. Above SPF 50 in the summer season. 

Water bottle – Especially in summer months, to keep one cool.

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